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Writer, Author, Editor, Teacher, Tutor, Presenter

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"Wow, Dawn...It was an inspiring read. Keep them coming!"

-Jess  P., Recreation Assistant, Hamilton, ON 


"What a riveting story - evoking great pathos along with the strength and courage of humans.  Although I know your life in the north is challenging - probably almost unbearable at times, I'm sure you bring great comfort to those with whom you interact as you strengthen your constant stalwart character and your unwavering belief system.  Dawn you are brave.  I love your newsletters."

- Mary B., retired English teacher, London, ON


Thanks for yet again another of your interesting Newsletters. My question remains the same: when are you going to write your book of YOUR (incredible) life and own personal journey/experience????
I am sure "writing", as it always has been for you, is an integral aspect of your survival there.
How are your students this year and what will be the BIGGEST learnings you will come away with from this amazing experience?

- Gwen B., retired principal, Stratford, ON

Thank you so much for your last newsletter about your day.  I was really interested in that.  It makes it so much easier to think of you and imagine your surroundings.
The children are so fortunate to have you there.  I know that you will have mixed feelings when it is time to leave.

Re: website - Wow! Dawn,  Your website is so ambitious!  I wish you every success in this new stage of your journey. 
                                                                    Betty B., Kirkfield, ON

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!  I loved this one.  Your descriptions are great.  It's quite the life you are living up there!  I'm sure you will miss it when it's over, and I'm sure your students will really miss you too!  What an exceptional teacher you are:)

Re: website - "I know Dawn to be an amazing story teller. She has a way with words that keeps those listening engaged. She is especially good with young children, because she is able to make her stories come to life. Highly recommended!!!

                                                                                                   - Emily G. teacher, AB            

Thanks for the lovely newsletter as you prepare to “Go finish”. 
I do hope you go back through those fifty newsletters and put them into a book.
                                                                  Bobbie C., Photographer, Australia

This website in one of the best I have viewed; many hours of work into this. Super work.
                                           - Irene R., retired librarian,  Newfoundland                    

Awesome website and very informative.  I wish you the very best of luck providing that service, Dawn.

                                                                   - Jeanne S.,  Artist, AB

Dawn was a guest speaker at the OASIS Alternative School in Orillia ON, where she encountered a difficult audience to win over. Win them over she did! The students were enthralled with her stories and asked many relevant questions, particularly regarding cultural differences. It was a whole new world to them. The entire experience was very educational and entertaining. 


                                             - Wendy T.,  retired teacher,  Kingston, ON  


I want to thank you again for coming and speaking about your experiences in the Arctic.  It was a wonderful presentation and I enjoyed it so much, as did everyone else.

                                              - Jo-Hellen B., librarian, Orillia, ON

I thoroughly enjoyed last Thursday's talk.  I learned so much and it was wonderful to see so many others enjoy your information evening as well. We love your visits and I definitely want you to come next summer.

                                                                   -Vickie B., librarian, Beaverton, ON    

Hi Dawn,
It was really an interesting lecture and very worthwhile the rainy trip! God has given you such wonderful gifts to share all your events and challenges with the ups and downs in your life, which you then can convey to other people in such a positive way that it is breath taking! What a gift "He" gave you Dawn! A big blessing! You always use the right words/sentences. Keep on going with these amazing lectures! And by the way, let me know when you plan the next one! I don' t want to miss any of them!

                                                                Christien V. H.,  Alternative Healing

Sixteen women met at Keggers on the Water in Lagoon city for another wonderful and educational afternoon with the Red Hat Ladies. We had a lovely buffet on the patio...and  overate as usual! When we were asked to move inside, we all said, “Oh Noooooo!”

However, it was well worthwhile as we listened to Dawn Doyle talk about Nunavut and her experience of teaching there.  I have known Dawn for several years and every summer we would hear about her experiences and I was amazed.  It amazes me how some people are courageous enough to do things that do not fit into the “usual” categories, or maybe you just fall into it, like most things in life.  I must ask Dawn that question some day.

                                                                 Lorraine K., Red Hat Ladies, Ramara Township




- CBC online war reports (Kuwait & Iraq war, 2003)

- Kuwait TOGETHER magazine & CONTACT magazine 


- limited edition book NEWFOUNDLAND 

- METROLAND MEDIA: news article: "The Ripleys, Believe it or Not, are Doing it Again" August 2015  http://www.mykawartha.com/community-story/5792077-the-ripleys-believe-it-or-not-are-doing-it-again/#.VdX3tL8axJg.gmail

- METROLAND MEDIA: news articles: "Eavesdropping with an Elder"  2016/2017







- CNN Kuwait 2003, during Kuwait & Iraq war

- CBC radio Clyde River 2008 for 101 Global Warming Earth Day student project for 

Will Steger (Arctic Explorer) and Sir Richard Branson (British philanthropist)



- Middle East presentation (2009), OASIS (Orillia Alternative School for Independent Study), Orillia ON

- Arctic presentation (2016) to grades 7-9 students, Elmworth School, AB

- Arctic presentation (2016) to Fair Havens Community Church, Seniors Group,  ON

- Arctic, Middle East & Sri Lanka presentations (2017) at Ramara Township Public Library, Orillia, ON

- Middle East presentation (2017) at Beaverton Public Library, Beaverton, ON

- Arctic presentation (2017) to Brechin Legion, Brechin, ON

- Sri Lanka Tsunami presentation (2017) Ramara Township Public Library, Orillia, ON

- Arctic presentation (2018) at Beaverton Public Library, Beaverton, ON

- Arctic presentation (2018) at Beaverton Thorah Eldon Historical Society, Beaverton, ON

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