Writer,  Author,  Editor,  Teacher,  Tutor,  Presenter, Speaker

Writer, Author, Editor, Teacher, Tutor, Presenter


An ARCTIC Story for Sale

Dawn Elizabeth Doyle (DED) is not DED, but very much alive and living in Beaverlodge Alberta and on the Trent Canal in Ontario.

She recently retired from teaching in the ARCTIC and is now writing, editing and staying sane by spending time with young people, especially her grandkids.

She finds writing---and kids---keep her happy and healthy. 

While teaching up north in the ARCTIC, one of her projects was helping a group of Inuit children on Baffin Island write and illustrate a book. She was teaching high school in the little hamlet of Clyde River when...out of the blue, a group of nine students asked “Miss Dawn” if she would help them write a story they were anxious to tell.

Two years and many laughs and tears later, the book was finished. They published it online through THE READING DEN

This is the result: THE HIP HOPE DANCER.


Read the story and find out why these Inuit kids changed the HOP to HOPE….It’s an amazing story that will either make your heart skip a beat or bring tears to your eyes. And one more thing: they later told “Miss Dawn”---the story was true!

And what, you may ask, is the story about? The HIP HOPE DANCER is the story of a young Inuit boy who lives on Baffin Island in Nunavut Canada. He learns how to hip hop dance when Canadian Floor Masters visit his hamlet. However, he has a problem: he can never finish a dance. He goes around  town showing many groups of people his hip hop moves and no one can help him...until his  drum-dancing grandfather tells him the truth.


Take a trip to the ARCTIC and find out more about INUIT LIFE...as seen through      

the eyes of its kids. Find out why they changed the Hop to HOPE.



    If you are interested in buying a copy, it's simple...just click on one of the following links:



Author, Astrid Wenigerova-Noga

showing & reading The Hip Hope Dancer in 

Czecholslovakia, 2015

- book has also been purchased in England & Australia